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Smart Solutions
Sometimes it takes very little effort to make a big difference.
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If you have left-over bricks from the house building process, this could be just one nice solution to put them in use. 
Just stacked on top of each other with no cement.

Here is room for everything. Even the dog has a place.

I can install all kinds of Blinds.

This one is most sophisticated as you can open the wings and get to the window and back side for cleaning

A fresh looking built-on book-shelf.
A closed Cabinet base with adjustable Glass Shelves in the upper section and Wall Paper in the back
You have plans to get organized in the garage or attic. Call me  and we work out the best solution for YOU.
Wall Panel work installed on a kitchen island looks really great and resists heavy foot traffic. 
Theater seating for an modern Office. Modular system allows for a variety of different shapes 
Garden Hose Stand:

I make those Holders and you may pick the stain color.

If you prefer a custom made AC Cover Fence. This one has black steel pipe poles, which goes nice with the cedar stained wood
Barn doors now widely available.

They are a decorative item and easy to install
Another example:

You have plans to get organized in the garage or attic?

Call me and we work out the best solution for YOU.
​​Door refurbishing.
Small or large steps to increase life of your door. 
Often Builders will leave recessed Wall niches.

There are simple solutions I can offer with little material to be processed.

Free hanging Shelves on Wall paper or tiles.​

Again, a nice solution with little material required. 
Outdoor Bench custom made to store all your cushions 
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