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Pick a room at a time. I am able to perform the entire task. You decide how much of your own involvement you like to contribute.

I could do the floor - you could do the painting

You could get the Materials - I could process and install 
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Wallpaper Installation:

Wallpaper is getting popular again.
Laying new Hardwood Floor in your bedroom?

Engineered Hardwood flooring is ideal for room additions.    
Tile Installation 
Finished Molding installation with paint job.

Selecting the design, based on what is being done in the greater Woodlands area.  
Guest Bath Room:

Wall Panels are cool
Backsplash Installation
Backsplash Installation:

Glass Tile on white compound 
Laying Floor Tiles:

Tiles keep the house colder during the warm months of the year.
Wall Panel design in Master Bedroom:

Wall has been Latex painted in same color as Panel work  
Panel work with nice colored wall paint combination.   
Light playful color example
Molding in Master Bedroom:

In harmony with wall paint or wall paper
Light Molding design with multiply wall colors.
Remodeled bed room using Molding:

Wall Paper inside the frames and wall paint around.  
Simple Wall Panel work with painted walls 
Wall Panel design in Master Bedroom. Always looks fine and will increase the value of your home 
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