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Buying a New House, and you consider getting some Upgrades you have seen in the Model Home?
It will save you a lot of money when you can wait to get your Upgrades until after closing, maybe before moving in or during. I fabricate and install most current offered Upgrades. Custom Shelves & Bookcases, Mantels and Crown Molding, Wine Bar built-Ins, a wide variety of Closet systems, Sliding Doors, Laundry-room built-Ins, Backsplashes and much more. 
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Custom made Bookcase, painted white:
A common entry product offered throughout greater Houston area
Hobby Room upgraded with Wall Panels:
Pick your own design and stain
Custom-made Wall Panel:
Simple design, painted any color of your choice
Small Wine Bar built into a recessed niche:
Typical high cost upgrade when buying a brand new house

Easily installed after move in for considerable less cost
Nice example of a natural wood custom made Closet:
I can build and install a large variety of systems from low cost to high sophistication
Custom fabricated recessed Shelves with Mantel over Fireplace:
Stained to your likings
Great look with relatively little material cost
Open Cabinet painted white
Get organized in your Laundry:
Countertop of your taste could make your Washer/Dryer set looks like this
Small secondary Kitchen for more comfort, perhaps in your Game Room
I can install the new tiles right over the current tiles. This will give you the most cost effective alternative to get the tiles of your choice.
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