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You may combine Home Repairs, Services and Remodeling Projects on a single work order. Get your To-do list ready and call.
Unless you have an emergency, I would prefer 2 hour minimum bookings. 
It will be more efficient on the long run, think also about preventive care items. 
Below just a few of the common services and repairs.
​Also go to "My Services" to help putting together Your list.
  1. Title 16
  2. Title 15
  3. Light Bulbs - Energy Saving and Replaccments
  4. Title 13
  5. Title 11
  6. Title 9
Door Knops are getting loose over time. You don't need a new one in most cases.
Put in on your "to do list" 
Air Filter Replacement:
See the difference between a new filter and one working for 6 month.
Drywall Repairs

Some faucet suppliers will
send  parts free of charge 
Light Bulbs:

Consider going to energy saving Bulbs.
This could save you money in the second year already
Smoke Alarm Detectors:
Testing and Battery change
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