Faust Home Improvements and Repairs LLC

 Professional Work & Smart Solutions

I was born in Hamburg, Germany and live in the US for 15 years. Due to corporate transfers, me and my wife have enjoyed living in Hartford Connecticut, Green Bay Wisconsin and now in The Woodlands. During my career in various positions from Technical Field Service to Technical Sales for sophisticated industrial Equipment have seen much of the world and cultures. We have built a house at Creekside Park West 5 years ago and knew that we have found the right place to stay among all places I have visited around the world. Throughout my life I have always been involved in house projects as building new homes or remodeling others.  I enjoy the entire process of preparing the new place and learned to do it most efficiently.  I do like to use my certified craftsman skills, which I encountered during a 3 years’ apprenticeship in Germany, and enjoy adapting the quality and precision to my home Improvement projects. I always support economical solutions, but do not take short cuts.  I am only satisfied when finishing a project as anticipated and having pleased the client 100 %.         
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